Sweeping your parking lot removes gravel, debris and light garbage.

Scrub & Wash

Scrubbing and washing your parkade removes salt, sand and dust.

Line Painting & Markings

Get the most out of your parking structure with expert line painting.


Komodo Services specializes in indoor commercial parking lot sweeping and scrubbing in Calgary when it comes time for them to be cleaned. Our sweeping and scrubbing process is definitely one no indoor lot can go without for too long. Top of the line cleaning equipment and effective pressure and power washing techniques result in a lot that Komodo is proud to say we scrubbed clean. Call us anytime to request a quote for your parking lot sweeping or scrubbing.


As part of our parking lot maintenance services, Komodo Services also offers line painting in Calgary. Once the parking lot surface is free of dirt and debris, it is the perfect time to paint the stall lines and any other markings like handicap stalls, speed bumps, arrows, etc. For most projects we are able to offer same day cleaning and painting to avoid emptying the parking area twice.


Recognized as a “Best Management Practice,” street sweeping has become a crucial element in commercial business and community health practices as well as being environmentally responsible and image- enhancing. The main benefits of street sweeping are removal of debris and litter and preventing pollutants from entering waterways. With our close proximity to the unique ecosystem of the Bow River, street sweeping is particularly important

Protect your image.

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